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Achieve long term weight loss, get your health and life back, and break free from a lifetime of dieting.

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This is for women who:

  • Want to wear their favorite pair of pants again but without the muffin top

  • Want to stop diving into the endless bag of chips after a stressful day

  • Want to know exactly what to eat and how to plan better

  • Want to conquer what keeps getting you off track so you can stay consistent

  • Want to enjoy the foods you love without the food guilt

  • Want to feel strong and confident so you can be active and play

  • Want to stop obsessing over the scale and get your life back

I'm Ready!

"With Sam’s program she teaches you about food, the nutrition your body needs. She works with the you to figure out food intolerances.  She has helped me to understand my body more than I ever have.

This whole process has been an amazing learning experience!" Samantha P.

Do you feel like something is "off" with your body, and nothing you do works anymore?


Hi there! I'm Coach Sam

Consider me your personal weight loss coach and nutrition BFF.


After having stage 3 colon cancer at age 29, I went on an all out search trying to find what to do to be healthy.  As a Registered Nurse, I knew there was strong research suggesting that high sugar, processed foods increased the risk of colorectal cancer.
As a lover of all things sweet, orange sodas and cheeseburgers, I also knew I had to make a change for the better.  My life depended on it.

But the only thing I found were trendy "diets" that were too hard to follow, I couldn't keep up with them, and they left me feeling lost.

I needed to be in control. I read book and book, had late night study sessions and ultimately created unrealistic expectations around food, floundering with trying to "eat right".

 around food consumed me and I felt like a constant failure.

With an all or nothing mindset, I gave up and quit trying all together. What was the point right? I was going to keep failing.

It was only after turning 40 that I was able to break free from the bondage of my food obsession and feel good about my food choices, no longer stress over what I was eating, and feeling so much better because of my healthier choices.

I had FINALLY gained clarity and direction on how to eat for better health and live without counting points, calories, or living by crazy rules I couldn’t keep.

If what you're doing now isn't working, and you still can't lose the weight, you have found the last program you'll ever need.
If you want to finally learn how to eat for better health, lose weight without dieting, stop following strict food rules, or starving yourself, and get your life back, I can help.

Why Nourish?

Because Nourish is not another DIY cookie-cutter diet plan.  In fact, Nourish is not a diet at all.

Nourish is, however, a comprehensive, nutrition program with a priority on improving your health which results in not only weight loss, but life long, sustainable weight loss.

Science Based

Fat-burning nutrition that balances your blood sugar, reduces inflammation naturally, and heals and nourishes your body.


This course is meant to work with you and not against you even if your schedule is busy, you have picky eaters or if you frequently travel.

Mindset Strategies

Gain the confidence you need to overcome speed bumps along the way, develop successful habits that stick, and create more self-love.

The reason why most diets don't work is because they aren't getting to the root cause of why you're "feeling off".  

Most other plans are like Band-aids and only temporarily fix your symptoms.  While there definitely is a place for those immediate fixes, Band-aids aren't the solution to your long term problem, nor will provide you with a long term solution.

If you’re a repeat dieter who's frustrated, confused with what to eat and tired of spinning your wheels to lose stubborn weight, I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way.

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