Are you storing fat or burning it?

If you're struggling with hard to lose weight, learn these 5 simple ways to start burning fat (instead of storing it), and get the scale moving again.

Are you storing fat?

  • Your cravings are at an all time high
  • You never seem to get full regardless of how much you eat
  • You can't lose the belly fat regardless of what you try
  • You live on the treadmill but the scales aren't moving
  • You experience extreme ups and downs with your energy
  • You're eating healthy but still can't lose weight

The good news is you can start burning fat with these five simple shifts to the way you're eating.

Learn These 5 Fat Burning Shifts Now

If you are you a repeat dieter feeling frustrated with not losing weight, confused with what eat, or struggling to follow through once you do start,

there is absolutely a way for you to transform from that place of overwhelm and disappointment to feeling motivated, confident and consistently shedding pounds and inches....once and for all.


What my clients are saying:


Hi!  I'm Coach Sam!

Consider me your personal weight loss coach and nutrition BFF.

I am a colon cancer survivor who learned the hard way how my diet was contributing to my poor health.


I'm now on a mission to teach women how to eat for better health, get off the dieting roller coaster and lose that hard to lose weight- that you won't gain back...
even if you've tried every diet on the market.

If the way you're eating isn't working, you can change it.  And I can help you do that.

If you want to learn how to improve your health, lose weight without feeling like you're dieting (again), or starving yourself, so you can get back to enjoying the active life you're missing, I can help.

In this free guide I share these simple strategies specifically designed for repeat dieters with hard to lose weight, so you can improve your health, start burning fat, feeling better and losing weight quicker!

P.S. It's easier than you think.

Weight loss is not a one size fits all.

Our midlife bodies are just not the same as they were when we were in our twenties and we must approach it differently.

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How to Eat to Burn Fat

Learn how to burn fat instead of storing it so you can get better results, quicker.